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General maintenance instructions 

Surface of chrome plated products and products made of corrosion resistant steel need to be cleaned regularly. Bathroom accessories should be cleaned by hot water and washing-up liquid (detergent) and after that burnished by a soft cloth and wiped dry. The best option for removing more pollution, e.g. calcium deposits, is to use a vinegar solution. Let the solution act for 15 – 20 minutes. After application, it is necessary to wash the product with clean water. For products made of corrosion resistant steel, it is necessary to use liquids with no chlorine, e.g. window glass cleaner.

Ceramic and glass accessories should be cleaned similarly as metal parts. Do not use above mentioned detergents and never you a dishwasher.

Products can get damaged in case of:

a) using bleaching agents or disinfectants. Especially if they contain chlorine compounds (hypochlorite, chlorate, etc.). Those detergents do not have to be used directly on products.

b) calcium deposits impact. Thick layers of calcium deposits which are damp, increase the risk of damage and corrosion.

c) using alkaline or highly concentrated acid detergents and detergents containing strong oxidants (fungicides and bleaching detergents). These detergents do not have to be used directly on products. In partially aired rooms it is appropriate to avoid using these – vaporized chlorine solutions can condensate on a surface and thus damage it. If there is a need to use these disinfectant detergents, it is necessary to ensure airing the room and cleaned surfaces should be immediately well washed.

d) using agents of construction chemistry determined for cleaning, e.g. cleaning pavement from construction material – these are highly corrosion aggressive.

e) using liquid or cream scouring powders containing abrasive elements! It is necessary to avoid any of the coarse detergents because they can cause scratches. Steel wool must not be used on any account because it releases iron particles that damage the surface.

f) using immersion baths for cleaning silver! They contain strong acids and chlorides and they are improper for cleaning chrome plated products or products made of corrosion resistant steel.

g) cleaning surfaces with detergents whereas the composition of detergent which could damage the upper layer is not known. Table salt is also harmful.


Using improper detergents or doing a wrong maintenance can lead to damaging a product through the consumer’s fault and any complaints cannot be accepted.


2. Pictograms depicted on NIMCO packages

If it is not possible to depict the complete instructions for the products maintenance on the packages, then the symbols (pictograms) are used to highlight simplified instructions for maintenance. The symbols mark cleaning only with a wet cloth, acetic solution and also the prohibition of cleaning the products with chemical and abrasive detergents or scouring powders.


Pictograms mark cleaning the products – wet cloth, water, acetic solution – “YES”.




Pictograms mark PROHIBITION of cleaning the products with abrasive and chemical detergents and the prohibition of using a dish washer. – “NO”.



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